Deadbeat Parents

Logan County’s Most Wanted Deadbeat Parents
A deadbeat parent is a parent who has the ability to work and make child support payments, but fails to do so. The willful failure by absent parents to support their children is an ongoing problem for millions of children in our country. As parents and as public servants, we must do our part to strengthen the family and to insure that our children receive the necessary care to allow them to flourish to their greatest potential. We must give top priority to the needs of our children in order to foster their growth and development.

Consequences for the Parent Who Does Not Pay
There are several things the state can do when a parent falls behind in child support payments. These steps include:
  • Garnishing his or her pay
  • Refusing to allow the parent to obtain a legal passport
  • Intercepting unemployment compensation
  • Offsetting federal and/or state income tax refunds
  • Enforcing jail time
  • Pursue criminal charges
The individuals listed below have warrants out for their arrest for failing to pay their support. If you have information about their whereabouts please contact the Logan County Prosecutor’s Office at 937-599-7272, or send an email to: