Board Minutes & Archive Data

Conducting the business of Logan Soil and Water Conservation District is the responsibility of the locally elected District Board of Supervisors.  The District Board of Supervisors meets on the third Tuesday of each month, 5:00 p.m.  The meetings convene at Logan Soil and Water Conservation District office, 324 Rd 11, Bellefontaine, OH.  The Board of Supervisors conduct District business within the scope of the laws and rules that govern soil and water conservation in Ohio.  Robert's Rules of Order provides the framework for conducting District meetings. In an effort to keep Logan SWCD board meetings running efficiently and keep meetings running on time, board members have the right to limit public participation to five minutes per topic. If longer time is needed, the public may contact the Logan SWCD office to be placed on  the monthly board meeting agenda with a maximum of 30 minutes for public participation.

To view Logan SWCD minutes, please move cursor to Logan Online, located in red bar near top of page, select Agenda Minute Center and scroll to the Logan Soil and Water Conservation category or click here.

Logan Soil and Water Conservation District Policies