"It is the goal of Logan Soil and Water Conservation District to promote stewardship of soil, water and other natural resources."

The Logan Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is a political subdivision of the State of Ohio, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Soil and Water Resources.  Most of Ohio's 88 counties have a local district office.  The District was established by local election of the populace in 1943. Logan Soil and Water Conservation District was formed to assist farmers in dealing with cropland erosion and soils.  Soil and water districts were established throughout the country in response to inappropriate land use that spawned the Dust Bowl in the mid 1930's, often referred to as the "Dirty Thirties".   Soil and water conservation districts are the only local agencies that are dedicated to protecting and conserving natural resources and providing direct technical support to agricultural businesses, local governments and other landowners.

Each county soil and water conservation district is governed by five supervisors who are elected to serve a three year term each.  The supervisors are familiar with the county's resource needs and supervise the staff to specifically deliver a tailor made conservation program.  Supervisors are not  compensated for their service.  In Logan County, the Supervisor election is held at the Annual Meeting.  The annual meeting usually occurs in late summer.  Individuals who are interested in running for supervisor should contact the Logan Soil and Water Conservation District office for more details.

Logan SWCD provides assistance to urban, rural and agricultural land users, specializing in soil erosion prevention and water management.  Services include survey and design of grassed waterways, erosion control structures, surface and subsurface drainage, farm ponds, windbreaks and livestock waste management.  Logan SWCD works with local governments, business developers and property owners to address issues concerning stream channel and floodplain erosion, watershed action planning and implementation, storm water/land use management, farmland preservation and conservation easements.

Working agreements among Ohio's soil and water conservation districts include Ohio Dept. of Agriculture - Division of Soil and Water Conservation Resources and the Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS).  The Division of Soil and Water Conservation Resources provides administrative, financial and training support.  Natural Resources Conservation Service provides the technical standards by which all partners abide.  By supporting strong partnerships, conservation practices reach thousands of Ohioans every day.  This partnership has been used as a template for formal and informal working agreements between Logan SWCD and other conservation partners.  The conservation partnerships includes Pheasants Forever, US Fish and Wildlife, The Ohio State University Extension office, Conservancy Districts, Logan County Land Trust, Environmental Protection Agency and Ohio Department of Agriculture.
Funding source for the Logan SWCD is the Logan County Commissioners.  The county funds are matched with funds from the Ohio Division of Soil and Water.  We would like to thank the Logan County Commissioners for their continued support of our office and programs.  If you are planning to stop by the office for assistance, we suggest that you call first to determine that the employee best suited to address your inquiry is available.  The Logan SWCD office is open Monday - Friday,8:00 a.m.to 4:30 p.m.. 

Contact Information:    Address:  Logan SWCD, 324 County Road 11, Bellefontaine, OH  43311
                                     Phone:  937-404-3150
                                      E-Mail:  jennifer.snipes@oh.nacdnet.net