The Communications Division is responsible for receiving and dispatching calls for service. The calls for service include calls to the 911 Emergency System, Logan County Sheriff’s Office, as well as 26 other Police, Fire and EMS Departments.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office Communications Division serves all of Logan County with the exception of the city of Bellefontaine. The dispatchers on duty monitor multiple radios channels, phone lines, security systems, 911 and LEADS (Law Enforcement Automated Data Systems). 
2015 Stats
Wireless Call Location
The Logan Communications Division is comprised of 1 supervisor, 8 full time and 3 part time employees.

Improving the System
Over the past few years the Logan County Sheriff’s Office has made several improvements to our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Radio Systems and Computer Systems in an effort to serve the public better and more efficiently than ever before. The Communications Division replaced an antiquated radio system after 21 years of service.

The sheriff’s office is now directly linked to the Logan County Engineers Office, Ohio State Patrol, State of Ohio Emergency Management Agency, Bellefontaine Police and Fire Departments, with the capability to link with all surrounding counties.