The Ohio Recorder's Association

The Ohio Recorders' Association was founded in 1927 and remains a vital organization to the present day. Membership is made up of Ohio's 88 county Recorders and their deputy recorders.

Association's Objective
The objective of the Ohio Recorders' Association is to educate its members so that Recorders and their employees may better serve the citizens of their counties. To this end, the association sponsors continuing education seminars on topics such as current legislation, office procedures, personnel management and constituent issues.

The association encourages the development of legislation to enhance the work and efficiency of Recorders' offices and to respond to modern technological changes. Association meetings provide the opportunity for Recorders to exchange ideas, review statewide recording procedures, and promote legislation in the best interest of the citizens of Ohio.

Land Transactions
The County Recorders of Ohio process numerous documents pertaining to land transactions every year. Recorders' offices throughout the state recorded approximately $568,000 deeds and $884,000 mortgages in 1994 and collected approximately $44,000,000 in fees which were paid into the general funds of the counties that year.