Press Releases


SEPTEMBER 23, 2020—Judge Kevin P. Braig of the Logan County Court of Common Pleas today sentenced Justin C. Seaman to a maximum indefinite prison sentence of 8-to-12 years on his conviction on the charges of felonious assault, a felony of the second degree, and domestic violence, a misdemeanor of the first degree.

At the sentencing hearing, Mr. Seaman and his counsel, John Hemm, admitted that, on February 25, 2020, Mr. Seaman got into an argument with the victim, his wife, and put his arm around her neck and applied pressure.  The victim stated that Mr. Seaman’s actions caused her to lose consciousness.  On February 26, 2020, Mr. Seaman shot himself in an attempt to take his own life.

Consistent with its plea agreement with Mr. Seaman, the State of Ohio remained silent at sentencing.  However, Logan County Assistant Prosecutor Alice Robinson-Bond provided the Court with a note written by Mr. Seaman after the events which gave rise to his conviction occurred.  In the note, Mr. Seaman wrote of the incident, “Last night, I really wanted us to go together because I knew I was going today.”  The Court interpreted the statement in the note as an indication that Mr. Seaman had intended to kill the victim on February 25, 2020.

The Court’s sentence was subject to the provisions of the Reagan Tokes Act (RTC), which mandates indefinite prison terms on most felony convictions of the first degree and second degree.  Under the RTC, the Court is required to establish a minimum prison term and the RTC mandates a maximum term equal to the minimum term plus 50 percent of the minimum term.  Ohio law specifies no more than an 8-year prison term for felonious assault, which is the minimum term under the Court’s sentence.  By operation of law, the maximum term is 12 years in prison.