Press Releases


JUNE-12-2020—Judge Kevin P. Braig and the Logan County Court of Common Pleas conducted its first jury trial since the public health concerns relating to COVID-19 arose in March of 2020.  In the case of State v. Anderson, the jury found the defendant not guilty of felony domestic violence.

The Court summoned jurors in two panels in order to provide appropriate social distance between potential jurors during the selection process.  The morning panel arrived at 8 AM and the Court and counsel proceeded with jury selection.  A second panel later arrived and the selection of the jury was completed.

Prior to commencing trial, the Court consulted the American Enterprise Institute’s Local Risk Index (LRI), which measures current infection risk in Logan County compared to historical infection risk in Logan County.  At all times, the Logan County LRI has been zero, which indicates that risk of infection in Logan County since the public health concerns related to COVID-19 have arisen is not any greater than the risk was before these public health concerns have arisen.

Notwithstanding that the Logan County LRI is zero, the Court still took extra precautions the included not only social distancing, but also the provision of hand sanitizer and masks for any person who wanted a mask but did not have  mask.  The Court continues to urge all residents of Logan County to be mindful of these public health concerns and to continue to engage in these simple, virtually costless practices in order to maximize the likelihood that Logan County’s LRI continues to remain at zero.