Press Releases


JUNE 29, 2022--Judge Kevin P. Braig and Logan County Court of Common Pleas Adult Recovery Court (ARC) Team joined in celebrating the graduation of Cody Cerwinsky and Vincent Thomas from the ARC. Friends and family of Cerwinsky and Thomas were present to celebrate their accomplishment.

The graduation was held at shelter house at the pond at the Myeerah Nature Preserve in Bellefontaine, Ohio. The graduates and participants enjoyed a beautiful sunny day that featured fishing, corn hole, arts and crafts, and a pulled pork barbeque lunch. The Myeerah Nature preserve is managed by the City of Bellefontaine’s Joint Recreation District. The Preserve is a unique patchwork of woodlands, rolling hills, and managed meadows in a second growth-mature forest.

“I could not be more proud of Cody and Vincent,” Judge Braig told the graduation assembly. “They have been some of the most resilient participants in the history of ARC. They fell down at times. But they always got back up and kept at the journey on the road to recovery. Their best lives are in front of them.”

The ARC treatment team works within the framework of the traditional Logan County Common Pleas Court.  The ARC’s mission is to achieve specific, rehabilitative objectives. The objectives of the ARC are to monitor treatment for substance abuse disorder of ARC participants, encourage and incentivize ARC participants to achieve rehabilitation and personal accountability, and decrease criminal activity and the need for incarceration.

The ARC provides its participants with the support of Judge Braig, Treatment Coordinator and Program Manager Annette Deao, Compliance Officers Jim Pleasant and Mandy Wilber, and treatment providers from TCN Behavioral Health Services, Community Health Wellness, the Justice Reinvestment Grant, Logan County Assistant Prosecutor Erin Rosen, local attorneys Natalie Bahan and Greg Harvey, and others.  The members of the ARC Team share the  goals of: (1) empowering ARC participants through treatment, accountability, and responsibility, (2) assisting ARC participants in achieving recovery from substance abuse disorder, and (3) helping ARC participants lead useful and productive lives.

In April of 2022, the Logan County Health District reported that Logan County ranks 87th out of 88 Ohio counties in drug overdose deaths. The ranking indicates Logan County had the second least overdose deaths in Ohio during the reporting period. The county’s ranking has fallen from 47th in Ohio to 87th over the past five years. (Link: Logan County Ranks Second to Best in State for Lowest Drug Overdose Deaths | Peak of Ohio).

“Logan County’s decline in overdose deaths is one indicator that the ARC Treatment Team is having a positive impact in Logan County in confronting acute substance abuse disorder,” Judge Braig said. “These graduations are signs that the ARC Treatment Team also is making an impact in confronting chronic substance abuse disorder and leading the way on the road to recovery.”

Judge Braig and everyone on the Logan County Court of Common Pleas ARC Team congratulates Cody and Vincent on this accomplishment and looks forward to seeing them live their best lives.